SFD Goes Live With Target Solutions Training System

The Scottsburg Fire Department recently purchased a new online training program, Target Solutions. This system allows the SFD Training Division to assign training material to members that can be completed at any time, from any location with internet access. This allows valueable time during training meetings to focus on hands on training rather than spending a portion of the meeting going over basic information and powerpoint presentations. The new system also allows members to enhance their knowledge through addition fire training and helps members to complete OSHA required courses. By making the move to purchase this system, Scottsburg Fire is enhancing their training ability and providing members with even more resources to expand their knowledge of firefighting. 


To learn more about target solutions, click here.

New State of the Art Training Equipment


How Scottsburg FD Trains with Attack

Scottsburg Fire Department recently gave their local news station Fox41 an inside look at training with the Attack Digital Fire Training System.


The Scottsburg Fire Department recently purchased the BullEx Attack Digital Training System. We have trained with the Attack several times and we are very impressed with both the technology and the training opportunities it provides.

BullEx has nailed it with this product. It offers so many features that will provide many opportunities for not only our firefighter training, but also our fire prevention program.

The Attack allows us to triple the amount of scenarios and evolutions we can complete during training. It is also quick and easy to setup and clean up. The Attack Digital Training System is a great tool for interior fire training, as the atmosphere can be completely controlled with the remote. New firefighters have the ability to train in a safe environment and more experienced firefighters can refresh their skills using Attack. The Attack system has several features and settings such as fire classes, difficulty levels, and sound.

The Attack Digital Training System with the laser extinguisher accessory also allows for convenient fire prevention demonstrations. The panel is easily transported, easily setup, safe for all and requires no messy clean up.

On behalf of the Scottsburg Fire Department, I’d like to say that we are very impressed with BullEx Attack Digital Training System and are excited about the opportunities and benefits it will provide to Firefighter Training and Fire Prevention Divisions.  The product, service, and people at BullEx have made this purchase a great experience.







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